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What's this all about?
'Five in Frills' is a story of a young girl named Minami Ishikawa working as a maid in an old mansion. Locals say that mansion is a rotten place and usually try to avoid it. Do they have reasons or that's just some sort of a local legend? Time will show.
But first she has to meet the other four maids working there already.

Dev Team
Dark Sentinel - initial idea, code, writing, art
Leery - development support, ideas, discussion, testing
Odebe - original soundtrack - link

Help from outside the dev team:
Mansion background (in modified state though) by mugenjohncel
Zelan - proofreading and editing

Lint statistics: The game contains 1,891 dialogue blocks, containing 14,383 words.
That's pretty much everything. Done in 20 days. Since it's my first attempt in making a VN, feature creep was a problem, so I had to throw away large chunks of logic, text and features to make it done within deadline.
[spoiler]Next novel, if I ever make, should be much less trouble.[/spoiler]
The sprites are okay (I'm happy with them), though Chikuma is almost emotionless.
Backgrounds are worse, some of them were made in great hurry and I had to use one BG from the free assets.
Didn't have enough time to work on UI at all.
Could be worse, though. As somebody said - the goal of Nano is "done", not "pretty".

Thanks for reading and make sure to check other NaNoRenO '16 entries!


Five_in_Frills-1.0-all.zip 48 MB

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