A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Prototype/WIP procedural camouflage pattern generator, not really a game.

Created as proof of concept / demo for the (probably never-to-be-released) tactical turn-based tank game.
Created using LÖVE / Love2d framework.

Current build (C16.1114.009, v1.00R) allows you to choose from six base colors, one two-color camo (properly procedural-generated Voronoi-based British Maltese camo) and one three-color camo, the British Caunter pattern, in proper (attempted accurate) and wrong (popular) colors.

Caunter pattern was added without enough research and doesn't look complete enough.

Any feedback is extremely welcome.

Install instructions

This prototype comes in shape of .love file, which you can run by installing LÖVE from the repositories or https://love2d.org/


TKG_Camogen.zip 563 kB

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